Cool old analouge work by Guamy, click here!


Nadja said...

I placed a link to another blog under the photo because I love the old analogue work of Italian photographer Guamy so much.
Have a look, please, I think you won't regret it!
Beautiful Italian ladies, beautiful and very cool photos.
See you!

Oh, I also have a permanent link to this blog in my blog list, I NUDI DI GUAMY.

Nadja said...

Ah, damned, you couldn't click on the photo to enlarge it because of the link I placed.
It was no self- censoring...
Fixed now! :-))

Anonymous said...

Marvelous body....
Gorgeous little pussy...


Leovi said...

Beautiful picture, nice, I really like. Exciting!

Nadja said...

Levilolondingres, yes. :-))
Thank you very much!

Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Leovi!
More photos to come, much more.
We worked long and hard, and Nicky is such a great model, she just kept doing great poses one after the other.
I hardly could keep up photographing them all!

guamy said...

Nadja Thanks for your attention to my work, though the past, I hope to return soon with this beautiful new nude photos, ahahahah! I will need maybe a little time .., models, we'll see. Coming back to you, your work in the studio is beautiful :-)

Nadja said...

Hello, Guamy!
I will be happy to see new work from you, I'm sure you'll do fine!
But, always happy to see more of the old photos as well, I LOVE them!
My 'studio' is just my second floor.
I don't live there, there is much space, and some old furniture and stuff to work with.
I worked with the external flash on the camera.
I turn it around a bit so that I don't flash directly on the model.
That's all!
Thank you very much, Guamy!
Big warm XXX!