plunertje said...

Marja the model with the nice smile.
She is a very nice model with great character and a pleasure to work with. I did a shoot with her too, as you probbily know.
This is a nice beginning of your cooperation. Keep posting them.

Gr, Punertje

Anonymous said...

I agree...
Great smily and sexy Marja....
Keep shooting please ! :-)
Warm kisses....


Nadja said...

Yes, Pluntertje, I saw in her albums that she was the model on some of the photos on your blog.
Cool coincidence. :-))
She is indeed everything you say, great lady!
Thank you very much, Plunertje!

Nadja said...

Her smile is one of the things that attracted me about her, Tomcat. So, you'll see a couple of smiles in this series.
Not fake ones, real ones, since the mood on the shoot was very happy and pleasant.

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
I shall keep shooting, working on it, think it will be very busy days these next months...
See you, my friend!

alter ego said...

great work, nadja...a natural and sexy shot...and I like her smile....the pose is perfect!

Nadja said...

Ah, Alter Ego, I thought of you while I was making photos with a smile, somehow I thought you would like it.
Yes, Marja has a great smile, warm and beautiful, one of the reasons I fell for her charms and wanted to photograph her, so of course I wanted to show that.
And since she's really a cheerful woman, it wasn't hard to photograph a beautiful and real one.
Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
Big XXX, my friend!