Cool J.K. video, click here!


Nadja said...

I placed a link to one of the video's of Jan Kees today.
I haven't seen very much video's of him yet.
But I know this one for a while now and looked at it many times, I love it!
And you know what, you'll see the male model in this video again soon, guess where.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The pose from JK en the light you choose makes it a very nic photo to look at.
the bar will be high for me with this comment from you. But you know me, i'll go for it.

XXX Plunertje

Nadja said...

There is NO doubt in my mind that we will make a great series as well, Pluntertje!
Even without seeing you in real life I know you are a great model!
I don't even need my best intuition for that, you have many photos to prove it on your super beautiful blog!
I look forward to working with you a lot!
It's coming closer now, exciting! :-))
Thank you very much, Pluntertje!