Anonymous said...

This is a very nice photo. A beauty in black and white.
In anticipation of even more nice pictures.

XXX Plunertje

Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Plunertje!
After first editng all the photos in colour I still decided to edit them in black and white as well.
I love the red but for a whole series it might be a bit much.
And what's more, in this set the colours were a bit too pale for my taste, so...
More to come, surely more in B&W, and maybe some more in colour, too...
XXX again, my future model! :-))

TheoLin said...

This is a fabulous picture! I love how his lines emulate the lines in the picture... and black and white... my all time fav! Very well done, my friend! xox

Nadja said...

I mentioned to Jan Kees that I get a lot of comments about the lines and other things in my backgrounds.
Many people think they distract from the models too much.
But that I do it on purpose, I like to play with that.
I think it adds to the photos, a model in front of a white background without distractions is just too boring for my taste!
And Jan Kees, being an artist himself, understood my idea about that very well and used it with his poses.
And as you can see, in a great way.
You will see more examples of that.
Thank you very much, Theolin!
XXX, sexy lady!