Anonymous said...

"Miroir mon beau miroir...."


Nadja said...


Mirrors are big fun to play with!
I always loved mirrors, even when I never loved what I saw in them.
A mirror is more than just an object that reflects what's in front of it somehow.
No wonder it's a very popular subject in photography, stories and so on, it sets off the imagination.
Thank you very much, Tomcat!

TheoLin said...

Me too, love the mirror! There's a sense of intimacy in the pose, almost as if she's wondering bout the person she sees... beautiful!

Nadja said...

Yes, I know, you use them very well in your photography. :-))
For a self- portraitist mirrors get even more meaning of course.
Even without a mirror we are looking at our reflection, as it were.
And they are, besides a wonderful artistic subject sometimes also a practical tool.
Indeed, Marja's look and posture make it look like she's doing some self- reflection.
Thank you very much, Theolin!