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Nadja said...

People who know my blog a couple of years know this great and sexy lady already.
She was my classmate in evening school photography and helped me out by posing for me for assignments several times.
She has also posed for me for pure fun, like when I photographed her when she was 6 months pregnant.
You can see those series via the link I placed under this photo.
She's the one with the white wig, but I guess you will recognise her anyway.
People who know me a bit longer know that I prefer to do nude photography, but sometimes I make an exception for a special person.
And Linda sure is a special person...
And she's always sexy, no matter how much or how little clothes.
We agreed she must keep coming for more photo shoots, at least once a year.
She, and the tiny little and already talented model, her beautiful, smart and sweet daughter.
Thanks, Linda, for what you did for me in the past, and for yet another big fun shoot!
It was so nice to see you again, and to be working with you again!

Anonymous said...

You're right,
Linda looks gorgeous...
And her tatoos tell us a lot of stories...
Warm kisses....


Nadja said...

She always looks gorgeous, isn't it. :-))
Yes, the tattoos, they tell a lot of stories indeed...
She's also a tattoo artist herself lately!
I hope to have a chance to photograph her at work with the needle one day.
Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Warm XXX for you, too!