Another Linda series, click here.


Nadja said...

I placed a link under the photo to the page with an even older series I did with Linda.
You have to scroll down.
And there's a couple more photos on the next page (click 'older posts' at the right hand side at the bottom of the page).
I used some of the photos for an assignment for portrait photography.
I still think some of the photos where I photographed her behind an open window, sitting in the sunlight, are some of my best photos ever.
We waited for months to do the shoot on a sunny day, so that I would have the chance to make the photos like that, with too big light/shade contrasts.

Dámaso said...

Une femme polifacétique que tu fotographie trés bien dans ces différent looks.

Nadja said...

Yes, Linda looks great in all styles.
And it's always big fun to work with her!
Thank you very much, Damaso!