moncat said...

It's beautiful, a good B&W and good composition.
I'm surprised you do W&B.
I really like.

Nadja said...

Hello Moncat!
You don't remember the days that I only did black and white?
I was addicted to black and white! :-))
But when I started working on my attic, I used fabrics as a background and I loved the colours too much to hide them.
So then I got addicted to colour...
But, I'm in rehab now! :-))
I start to see the charm of black and white again.
You can create moods that you can't create in colour.
And sometimes you don't want any distraction from colours.
Thank you very much, Moncat!
I'm really happy to see some of your inspiring photography again!
Big XXX!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous breast...
Best regards....


Nadja said...


Thank you very much, Tomcat!