plunertje said...

Beautiful and amazing model. She makes the pose look so natural. Also your way of photographing is stunning.


Nadja said...

It was a bit an unusual shoot since Linda's little daughter was playing in the same room and of course wanted some attention from mommy now and then.
Made it a bit harder for her to concentrate and get in the mood I guess.
And sometimes I had to change the composition since she came in my view and I wanted enough photos of Linda alone, too.
But, yes, she, and we did a good job anyway, I think, especially given the circumstances.
Linda is a real good model, and it's always fun to work with her!
Thank you very much, Plunertje!


I'm already getting excited about our shoot now!
I look forward to finally meeting you a lot!

TheoLin said...

Looks like a fun time with this model - she has a classic look about her and in this one, I could almost picture something from the 40s, Hepburn style a'la Breakfast at Tiffanys, with one of those long cigarette holders.... and great shoes too! xxx