Jan Kees Helms, photographer, videographer, musician, model...
Jan Kees-Video's, click here!


Nadja said...

Saturday I had the big pleasure to photograph a great man.
Jan Kees Helms is a man with many talents, modelling is just one of them.
Today I placed a link to his Vimeo- account were you can watch his video work.
Later I'll also place links to his modelling site, his music and other work.
It was an amazing shoot, and truly a great experience to work with this fantastic man.
I think we made a lot of cool photos.

Thank you SO much, Jan Kees!
I feel so honoured that you came such a long way to pose for me.
If I have anything to say in it, we will surely work together again.

Nadja said...

Oh, I got tired of using the flash and suddenly realised the light days will be over soon.
So instead of playing it 'safe' with the flash I decided to photograph him on ISO 3200, with only the available light on my attic.
I only have some small dormer windows there. ...
Sometimes the effects of the small light spot are amazing, I'm still working on the photos, I hope not too many are ruined by it...
It will be different anyway...

Anonymous said...

Nice work Nadja...
Very good shot.
Perhaps in B&W ?


Nadja said...

Yes, Tomcat, I tried black and white, one photo, but I think the colours are too beautiful to hide them.
Still, it's very hard to choose!
Ahhh! When I start trying both colour and black and white I can't choose anymore!
At this point I am thinking of a mix, some sets in B&W, some in Colour, but I don't know yet.
Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Glad to read you like the photo!
As you can see, Jan Kees is a great model!
I placed a link to his site with photos from his other model- work.
Big warm XXXX!

TheoLin said...

ohhh. myyyyy. *fans* that's an incredible picture, with the reds, there's a feel of heat to this picture that I adore! And I'm sure it was loads of fun to work with him as well! Love the lighting in this one, marvelous pose! xxx, Lin

Nadja said...

Yes, Theolin, these photos make my temperature rise, too, all that red, really very warm, yes!
It sure was a lot of fun to work with Jan Kees, it was a unique experience to work with an experienced male model.
And it was great that we could try out some not very usual poses for male models.
I think finding poses for a man is much more difficult than finding poses for a woman, but Jan Kees proved that it doesn't always have to be the case.
He dares to try things out, and with his wonderful body and personality, almost any pose works...

Thank you very much, Theolin!