Rob, photographer
Rob's sexy blog, click here!


Nadja said...

Yes yes, yet another man, I was serious about getting experience with photographing male models!
The model is Rob, he's from the Netherlands.
He's a photographer himself and has some experience as a model as well, he did several series together with his beautiful wife.
You can see his work as photographer and as model on his beautiful and very sexy blog! I placed a link under the photo.


Rob looks like a rugged bear, but he's one of the sweetest people I ever met.
Such a sexy combination...! :-))
Rob is a good and very relaxed model, it was much fun to work with him!
Thank you very much, Rob, I had a great time with you and it was a cool shoot!

TheoLin said...

Nadja, what a yummy model to work with! He has a rugged look that makes you think of outdoors, blue skies and wide open spaces! Or maybe its a dark forest, never knowing what's around the next corner. Either way, wow, lucky you to find such good models to work with!! I like the classic pose, and the black and white was a good choice! xox

Nadja said...

Yes, Theolin, I am such a lucky little photographer!

And yes, a rugged man like Rob makes me think of the wild outdoors, too...
Every girl should have a man like this to protect her from the dangers outside...

I think for the male models I'll stay with the black and white, that's much more masculine than the happy colours on my second floor...
And I'm getting the taste for black and white more and more again.

Thank you very much, Theolin!
Glad to read you agree, sister!
Big XXX!

plunertje said...

I'm going to stutter of all the sweet words, my face turns red as a tomato.

Thank you TheoLin for your nice comment.

Special thanks for Nadja, for the pleasant way in working with me as a model and make me feel well. Hopefully we can frequently work together, but we have already discussed that.
I only can say, go for it girl you do a hell of a job.


Nadja said...

Don't be shy, Rob! :-))

Yes, we'll surely work together again one day.
And we will think about ways to make it an extra special shoot.

Thank you very much, Rob!
But it's not difficult to photograph a cool and relaxed and sexy model like you!

Big XXX!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Nadja !


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Glad to hear you like the photo, my friend!
Big XXX!