Nadja said...

Actually I wanted to place more photos from a shoot with another model first, but I'm going to do a new shoot with her and another model in a couple of weeks, if all goes well.
I will shoot two ladies together then, that will be the first time I try that, I'm looking forward to the shoot a lot already!
So, here a couple more photos from the shoot with wonderful Nicky.
I had a shoot yesterday, too bad, but I can't place the photos here.
But I have another shoot on friday already!
It's going really well with the photography here, I'm a very happy little photographer...

Anonymous said...

So sexy Nicky !
Keep enjoying shooting all those marvelous womens !
Great work around those sexy créatures....
I fall under charms ...


TheoLin said...

an outdoor pose! what great sunlight, the boots in the window made me smile! Great use of shadows as well. :) xox

Nadja said...

Tomcat, I have really very good news, you'll love it!
But I can't tell much about it yet.
Just you wait and see!
I understand you fall under charms...
And I'll do my best to keep it that way, my friend!
Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Big XXX!

Nadja said...

Yes, Theolin, Nicky sits on the roof of my little kitchen here. It was a super warm day (for Belgium).
We had an abnormally fantastic summer here, and this photo shows how wonderful that was.
Oh, I miss the hot days so much!
Ah, yes, you noticed the boot and the shoe, part of Nicky's cool outfit ideas of course!
I guess it was too warm to keep them on, but I think they are a nice touch like this, too.
Thank you very much, Theolin!
Big XXX!