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plunertje said...

The models fit nicely together. Beautyfully done by the models and you. It's always a pleasure to look to your work.


Nadja said...

Yes, I think so, too, they fit together very well.
Daisy's husband Rudy was the one that gave me the idea that Daisy would be perfect for a duo- shoot with Stormy, in a comment on a photo of the first shoot that I did with Stormy. And Stormy had already asked me if I knew a model for a duo- shoot, so... here they are!
Rudy was so right about that, thank you Rudy! :-))

And thank you very much, Plunertje!
Much more to come of course, since these ladies did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Warm kisses.....


Nadja said...


Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Warm XXX for you, too!

Sin objetivo said...

Une exubérance!
Les femmes au pouvoir.

Grosses bises.

Nadja said...


I wish, Damàso, the world would be a better place, maybe.
But at least they are in my photos, right?

Thank you very much, my friend!
Big XXX for you, too!