moncat said...

I like the visual attraction between the two women, as if competing with their powerful bodies.


Anonymous said...

I love what I see...
Thanks so much Nadja !


Nadja said...

Or maybe just the opposite...
Thank you very much, Moncat!

Nadja said...

Thank YOU very much, Tomcat!
I'm glad you like what you see.
These ladies are amazing, isn't it, working so well together on the whole shoot, they have my admiration, too!
XXX again, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadja,
First of all thanks for the great day:-)You and me alone with these two gorgeous women in an enchanting building! A joyful and also learning day it was indeed.
Stormy's poses where a good (and marvelous)example for Daisy. You can see that she has much of experience with modeling work? Butt Daisy is a wonderful apprentice herself and did more than a great job herself!!!
And the result is magnificent.
Nadja you got the best out of them separately and together!!!
Thanx and lots of kisses,

Nadja said...

Yes, Rudy, it was an amazing and fun day indeed!
I thank you and Daisy and Stormy for that, BIG THANKS!
And an extra big 'thank you' for you, for taking such good care of the models the way you did.
Even making sure they could warm up in between!
You are really a great man, Rudy, I can understand why Daisy and you are so happy together.
That's why the photographer had to wipe off some happy- tears on your "second wedding"- party when your beautiful wife sang that song for you...
Ahhh, that was SO touching!

I already am a happy little photographer, and I will be even happier if we can do a shoot like this again with the 4 of us!
Like next summer maybe, when it's warmer and there will be more light!

Yes, Stormy started posing for photos when she was 12 or something!
And she is really very good at it.
But, YES, Daisy did an incredibly good job, too!
The photos speak for themselves!
They worked really well together, and you can hardly tell that she has so much less experience.
I was really amazed to see how relaxed and confident Daisy was, and that shows in the photos.
Daisy is a wonderful and sweet and very sexy lady, I love her, and it's always fun to be with her, and to photograph her!

So, again, thank you very much dear people!
Big XXX for you, Rudy!
And big XXX for Daisy, too, of course!
And, you both know it, my "studio" is always open for you!!!