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Nadja said...

I think I have to make this the last photo of the series.
It was really hard choosing photos for the blog because I have so many photos that I love from this shoot. I could easily make another series of this shoot if wanted to, maybe I'll place some later.
It was a long series already, but, my excuse is that there are two models in the photos, so it could be double as long as usual!
Or no, there were 3 models, maybe I can go on a while longer anyway! ... Ahhh!
I already did another shoot last week, and I already have a new shoot on saturday, so...
New series tomorrow!

Nadja said...

There is a new Blogger- problem:
New post sometimes don't show in the Blogger dashboard until half a day later.
And then they won't show in links on other blogs either.
Or, new problem, I read it's not so new, but it is new for my blog. Nothing can be done about it.
But, I'll keep posting a new photo every day around noon!

alter ego said...

carry on, dear!...you did a great job!..XXX

Anonymous said...

Great serie and fabulous last picture...
I love this pose...
Stormy and Daisy are both marvelious models....
Many thanks to share your work,
Many thanks to find new pose, special feminine models and new lights and Colors...
Warm warm kisses....


Nadja said...

I surely will, Alter Ego, I surely will carry on!
it's so much fun to work with such lovely ladies, I don't think I will ever give it up, as long as I can carry a camera!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!

Nadja said...

Yes, Tomcat, Stormy and Daisy are truly marvellous models. And they did so well posing together, I am still amazed about it, since they didn't even knew each other before the shoot.
I sure hope to do another shoot with the both of them together in the future!
And I hope to place more photos from this shoot, too, I have a set of which I haven't placed a photo yet. With such great models I just have too many beautiful photos! Ahhh!
What a great luxury problem...

Thank YOU very much, Tomcat!
For all your visits and for taking the effort to let the models and me know you like the photos!
People like you make sharing the photos BIG FUN!

Big XXX, my friend!

Anonymous said...



Michael Rowland said...

I don't know why but this one is my favorite one
You've been producing so much fine work.
It's always great to here from you.

Nadja said...

Yes, Michael, I keep busy here, I can't miss photographing models anymore, it's too much fun!
Thank you very much, Michael!