Nadja said...

It took a while but here she is again, the lovely and always smiling Marja.
We decided after the first shoot we would work together again, this time we even had a plan...
She is such a warm and loving lady, it's a lot of fun to be with her and to work with her!
And on top of that I think she's very sexy.

I hope you'll enjoy!

See you!

Anonymous said...

Very sexy... For sure !!
Warm kisses.....


Nadja said...

I'm glad to hear you agree, Tomcat!
Much more to come of course!

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Big XXX!

alter ego said...

ohh yes...such a lovely lady..I like the the way you did the shot and coloring...much more powerful..it really supports the smile of your model!..well done!

Nadja said...

I used some techniques that my Photoshop- teacher once called 'beginner with Photoshop- mistakes'. Or something like that. I'm being too much a good girl lately with my photographing and editing, I wanted to go wild again!
I first did the photos in black and white, but I started anew because I think it's a waste to hide amazing colours like this.
And I need some counterweight for the dark wet days here!

Yes, Marja is a wonderful lady, and always cheerful, so of course I wanted her great smile in the photos again, too.
Her warm smile and optimistic appearance are some of the reasons I asked her to pose!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
XXX, my friend!

Dámaso Aguilar said...

Marja Bienvenu au Monde érotique de Nadja, pour le plaisir de nos yeux.
Grosses bises.

Nadja said...


So sweet of you, Dàmaso.
I think Marja shall agree with me.


Thank you very much, Dàmaso!
Big XXX, my friend!