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Anonymous said...

Nice blond Inge....
Lovely legs....


Nadja said...

If you know my blog for a while you'll probably remember the previous series I did with Inge.
She was one of the ladies of the 'The Villa'- project I did.
I placed a link to the last The Villa- series I did under the photo.
And I'll place a link to the first The Villa series tomorrow.
I was very happy happy with the chance to photograph the wonderful Inge on my attic this time, it's more intimate, and since she was alone I could get to know her a little bit better this time.
We had a lot of fun and I already hope we will work together again one day.
I hope you'll enjoy.
See you!

Nadja said...

Ah, Tomcat, hello!
My comment was meant to be the first one, but you are too fast, cool!
Nice to have such a loyal visitor!
Yes... Inge has Tina Turner legs I think, very sexy, isn't it.
Thank you very much, my friend!
Big XXX!

Anonymous said...



Nadja said...

You are a real fast cat, Tomcat, maybe you are more of a tiger...

moncat said...

I like, the photo is very intimate and sensual.
Bravo Nadja.


Nadja said...

I think it will become more of all that further in the series. ...
Thank you very much, Moncat!
Glad to hear you think so!