Anonymous said...

"Pleasure maker..."
So cuty....


Nadja said...


I always thought peacock feathers are very sensual.
And since this shoot I'm convinced even more they are indeed!

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Big XXX!

moncat said...

The gesture emphasizes sensual position of women.
Well stated, I like.

Merry Christmas Nadja.


Nadja said...

Yes, I see what you mean.
She poses so well.
Like, see how she holds her left hand and fingers, so beautiful, my favorite detail of this photo!
Details like this can 'make' a photo, I think, but her whole pose is great, it gives a wonderful mood, I think.
Inge is a great model!

Thank you very much, Moncat!
More to come, of course, still more to come!

Happy holidays for you and your family and friends, too, Moncat!

Arko Chatterjee said...

o my god ... such a natural and detailed expression.. as if she is really enjoying her fullest... love her pose..

Nadja said...


It was a shoot in a warm mood anyway...
Who knows... :-))

Thank you very much, Arko!