Blog of my photography idol Carnivale Selah, click here:


Nadja said...

I think it's a good time again to link to the blog of a great model- photographer who inspired me a lot.
Because I got to know his work when I just started photographing models, I can't deny that his work did more than just inspire me.
But, the moods that he creates together with his models are so unique, copy him is about impossible, I think.
And that's not what I want do do, of course!
I can only hope to find my own unique style in time... As far as I don't have it already.
Still, it's obvious enough how much influence his work had on my work...

Have you done your Christmas- good deed already???
No? Click on the link under the photo then!
I'm sure your good deed will be rewarded immediately by the joy you will find by looking at his super beautiful photos!

Have a merry... whatever you are celebrating!
And, peace, brothers and sisters!

These were the last two photos I made of Inge, and they surely show that Inge is not only a sexy, but also a very funny lady!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Nadja !!!
Warm kisses...


Nadja said...


I like funny Christmas presents!
Hope you liked it as well...

You're welcome, Tomcat, thank you very much!
Big XXX!

raycho dimitrov said...

happy holidays, Nadja!

best whishes,

Nadja said...

Best wishes for you and your family and friends, too, dearest Raycho!
I'm looking forward to a new year with your wonderful Art! You are still an amazing artist!
And I still love you! :-))

Big XXX!