Daisy & Rudy


Nadja said...

I had hoped to have new work already, but my next model will come a bit later then I expected, end of next week.
But I don't mind waiting for her, she's very sexy!

So, I guess I have the chance to show some more photos from an earlier shoot now.
I made these photos at the end of the shoot with Stormy and Daisy and Rudy.
And I still have photos from the first part of the shoot with Stormy and Daisy of which I haven't showed photos yet.

See you!

Nadja said...

Oh! The decor here was another great idea of Rudy!
He's always so good at that, he searches the place for possibilities to make the photos more interesting.
He placed the window frame and the old television there like this.
I love the effect! :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice and sympathic serie...
Warm kisses....


Nadja said...

I couldn't choose between these three photos, I love them all!
But since they are too similar to place all three of them, I thought to make a triptych of them.

Thank you very much, Tomcat!


Anonymous said...

Good choice !
It's a serie...


Nadja said...

Yes, you can see they are three consecutive photos.
A bit like a part of a film. :-))