Stormy & Daisy


Nadja said...

This series is from the first part of the shoot with Stormy and Daisy and Rudy in the abandoned building.
I didn't publish them yet because it didn't fit with the second and third part of the shoot.
The environment is too different and the outfits, too.
It was a very cold day, I didn't want the models to get too cold before we came at my favourite part of the building and the other outfits.
So, that's why we started with the coats.
This way the models (and I) could warm up without freezing...
It was still a good thing that Rudy had a fire going by the time this part of the shoot was finished!
Even with the coats...! Even I, with all my clothes on, and with my eyes on these sexy ladies, was glad with the chance to warm up!

Anonymous said...

I love those naked nibs....
And Stormy high heels....
Burning kisses to warm them and you !


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
More to come, of course, more to come!

XXX again, my friend!