Happy New Year, dear people!
And many thanks for your visits here in the past year,  it's much appreciated!


Nadja said...

I made a compilation with photos from all the different photoshoots and all the models I worked with in the past year.
I can hardly believe how fast the year went again!

From top left to right:
Daisy in the snow, now that was something different! She's so brave!
Inge, and next to her Nancy, both from the first 'The Villa'- shoot.
The old photographer... Nadja, I was bored again, I guess...
Left again: Femme Fatale, from the last shoot I did with her.
Bo, Inge and Nancy, from the second 'The Villa' - shoot.
Then, Bo and Kim from the third 'The Villa'- shoot.
Left again: Tina from the third 'The Villa' -shoot.
Then Bo and Nancy, from the Busted/Bribed set of the same shoot. You can see this series as a slide show on the blog now, or click on it to view the album.
Vera Lynn, and next one, Maggi & Dreamer.
Left again: Miss C, Stormy, from the first shoot I did with her in the abandoned building. Photographer Guy, my first shoot with a male model! And Nicky, my first shoot with a model as skinny as myself...! :-))
Left again: Marja, from the first shoot I did with her. Photographer/artist and model Jan Kees, from the Netherlands. My (ex-) classmate Linda and next to her, photographer Rob, also from the Netherlands.
Left again: Stormy and Daisy & Rudy in the abandoned building where I did the first shoot with Stormy, too. Marja, from the second shoot I did with her, and Inge, from the last shoot I did with her.
And, Nadja, dreaming of, and, setting an example for, the kind of photoshoots she would like to do in 2014... :-))

Many thanks to all my wonderful models! !!!

Happy New Year!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the visits to my blog in the past year, dear people!!!
It's much appreciated!
I'll surely try to make it a fun photography- year again, and I think I'll have a great start on thursday!

Big XXX for all of you!

Paco Tamayo said...

Happy new year Nadja. The year 2014 will be much better.
Buen trabajo.
Besos :)

Nadja said...

You think?
I sure hope things will get better, Paco, glad to hear your confident words...
For myself, I can only hope things keep going as well as it was in the past years.
For you, I hope you will have much luck and fun in the new year.
Looking forward to yet another year of your great photography!
Time flies, isn't it...
Thank you very much, Paco!

Anonymous said...

live 2014 and go on being happy, Luc

Nadja said...

Hello, Luc!

I'll surely do my best for that;
Much luck and happiness for you in 2014!

2014... I still remember the time where the years 2000 sounded like science fiction...
Or even Prince's 1999... it seemed so far away...
Oh my g.d... Really getting old now, I guess, but glad for it, never thought I would make it this far!
And I almost didn't a couple of times...

Have fun, Luc, enjoy every day like there's no tomorrow!
And, knowing you a bit, don't spend too much time thinking and worrying! :-))
Big warm XXX!

Leovi said...

A rich mosaic of exquisite portraits that you have given us this year!
My best wishes to you Nadja , thank you very much for your beautiful photos and a hug. Happy 2014 ! Leovi .

Nadja said...

Hello leovi!

You have seen my evolution with the photography, since you were the very first follower of this blog.
2010 was that, where are the days, time flies so fast, it's scary...
I was so proud that I had 1 follower!
Glad to hear you think I'm still on the good path, Leovi, thank you very much!
Best wishes for you, too, Leovi!
And keep up giving us a colour bath each day on your blog, please, it's much needed, especially on these dark days!
Big XXX!

plunertje said...

Happy new year to you Nadja,

I'm sure it is going to be for you a fantastic new year. It was a fantastic experience to work with you and I hope that 2014 we can do that again. It's always a pleasure to get to know a person like you and your engaging work.
The very best wishes for you and those who are close to you.

Big hug and Big XXX,

CLICK CLICK... said...

The show must go on Nadja; here's to a fresh start!

Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Rob, really glad to hear that of course!
I'm hoping on a fantastic start of the new photography- year tomorrow, I have a shoot with a sexy lady!
And in some weeks I have a shoot with a guy again... That promises, too...
Still many male models waiting for a shoot!
But I sure hope to work with you again, too, it's always even more fun on a second shoot, I think!
Maybe because I am more relaxed then...
Best wishes for you, too, Rob!
Warm XXX!

Nadja said...

A fresh start will be no problem, having enough time to do everything I want to do is a much bigger problem!
The days are too short, the years are too short, and the older I become the worse it gets!
Why is that!?
Thank you very much, CLICK CLICK, may you have a great fresh start as well!
Big XXX!

Anonymous said...

Lovely year...
Great work, I specially love the last one !


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Also for your remark about the last photo! :-))

My model can arrive any moment now, I'll do my best to work in that mood... She's a very sexy lady, can't go wrong I think!
But I still have stress, of course, since it's the first time I'll see her...

XXX again, and enjoy the start of the new year!

Luc @ This said...

een prachtig, en artistiek voldoening gevend jaar wens ik je ook toe ... leuk om die compilatie te zien, altijd goed om eens terug te kijken naar wat er allemaal al gebeurd is hé ;-)
grtjs, en tot binnenkort hé

Nadja said...

Jazeker, ik ben in elk geval zeer blij terug te kunnen kijken op een leuk en vruchtbaar fotografie- jaar!
Soms ben ik gefrustreerd omdat ik niet meer kan werken, maar al bij al, geen slechte prestatie, toch, he!
Al die mooie madammen mogen ontmoeten en mogen fotograferen, het is toch al een mooie verzameling!

En zoals je zag heb ik het nieuwe jaar al meteen goed ingezet met weer een fantastisch model!
De reeks moet nog beginnen, in feite...
En, nieuwe plannen worden al gemaakt!
Hou het in de gaten zou ik zeggen...

En ja, tot binnenkort!
Hoe staat het met de baard, J?

Bedankt, Luc!

StreetLounge said...

Some interesting people here... :P

Nadja said...

Yes, cool collection, isn't it, and the stories I heard from these people are really interesting, too.

I love to work with all these different people, it's much fun, and it does a lot of good for my believe in the human race as well!

Thank you very much, StreetLounge!
Fantastic profile photo you have, very cool!
I'll check out your blog, too, of course!
See you!