Nadja said...

It's been a while ago, but I haven't given up on photographing male models.
And this shoot made me realise I want to keep doing that.
To meet Freddy was one of the best experiences I had in a long time.
This man is something special, and I don't mean how he looks. He is a smart man, and a wise man, he's spiritual, studied buddhism, he's funny and gentle, a real gentleman, too. And he has an incredible history, the stories this man has, impressive!
And he's truly a great storyteller, too!
I could have listened to his stories for days and never get bored!
I had so much fun on the afternoon with him, giggled a lot, too!
When he left I felt happy and positive and I had a lot of optimistic energy.
He inspired me with how he deals with the unbelievable bad luck he had in his life. He just keeps going on, against all odds, you could say.
And the shoot itself was big fun, too! Freddy is a model with experience, and he's really creative and talented as well. And not afraid to show another side of himself, either.
I'm very proud of the photos we made, I think they are very cool, thanks to Freddy!
Thank you so much, Freddy, for driving two hours to get here, and for your dedication to do a great and unique shoot!
So, here we go, I hope you'll enjoy!

See you!

Anonymous said...

Great !
Freddy looks great !
Very interesting work....
His story on his skin.....
Congratulations Nadja !


Nadja said...

You know what, I don't think Freddy has enough skin to tell his whole impressive story.
But I guess it's a start.

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
I am very proud and honoured by the chance of working with this exceptional man.
And I'm very happy with the results.
Glad to to hear you agree, my friend!

Big XXX!

remaut nic said...

knap beeld van wat ongetwijfeld een zeer goede reeks gaat worden . zeer goed en tof model om samen te werken en een fotograaf met een heel eigen stijl en kenmerk . dat kan niet mislopen..... benieuwd naar de rest van de reeks

Nadja said...


Bedankt, Nic! Leuk dat vertrouwen... :-))
De reeks die jij met Freddy deed is ook geweldig, echt heel mooi gedaan, coole foto's!
De reeks van Freddy met Sabine is ook super leuk trouwens!

Bedankt voor je bezoekje aan de blog ook, Nick, en, welkom!

Dámaso Aguilar said...

Me encanta la foto , parece un mahori.

Un abrazo

Nadja said...

Ah, yes! :-))

I've been thinking about how many cultures have or had tattoos, quite a lot!
And I love the look of it in most cases.
Art on the body, or the body as an artform, cool!

Thank you very much, Dàmaso!

TheoLin said...

What an intriguing man! And those eyes..... they pull you in, you can see the history there, always so fascinating to me! Lucky you! Can't wait to see more :) xox

Nadja said...

Yes, you can say that again!
I feel very lucky indeed!
Freddy has some impressive looks, you'll surely see more of that!
And you'll see more of the impressive body, too, of course!

Thank you very much, Lin!

alter ego said...

wow....nadja great work...I love his facial expression a lot...the look right into the camera is perfect!..color and lighting are perfect as well!...well done

moncat said...

Disturbing the look of Freddy. A good portrait.

Nadja said...

Yes, Alter Ego, I stay with these golden glow colours a while longer, I think they are a good antidote for the darkness of winter.
As was Freddy himself!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!

Nadja said...

Freddy has some impressive looks indeed, he knows what it takes to make an interesting portrait.
So, all credit to him of course!
He is such a nice man to work with, the shoot was big fun!
Thank you very much, Moncat!

Walter Neiger said...

a really awesome series!
congratulations Nadja!

Nadja said...

Freddy is an awesome model!

Thank you very much, Walter!
Always nice to hear a thing like this from an awesome photographer like you!