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Nadja said...

If you have problems with your photos when posting them on your blog (or Picasa), and you have Google+, you'll have to go to the settings page and uncheck the boxes for 'auto enhance' and 'auto awesome', and check the box for 'upload my photos in original size'.

If you don't have Google+ and you have problems with your posted photos, you have no choice but to go to Google+ and do the same!

You can then downgrade from Google+ again, but, if you have a general Google- profile you will lose that together with the Google+ profile.

I had a general Google profile because you had to make that if you wanted Picasa.
For me this general Google profile was useless, it didn't even show in the Google search results when you Googled my name.
But, if you have a general google profile and you value it, you must think if it's worth to sacrifice it for the sake of your photos.
Otherwise you'll just have to wait and hope that Google will solve this issue soon.
Nothing shows that they will do that, so far.

The idea is that we will all have to go to Google+, you see!

Thank heavens, nothing changes on your Blogger account by going to Google+ and delete it again! !

All my photos look normal again on Picasa/Blogger now. You don't want to know how much time I lost by trying to diagnose the problem, by trying to find a solution, and by messing with my photos the whole time because they messed them up each time I did put them online!

I hate it when they keep ruining a good thing in the name of improvements/progress.
How can it be an improvement if they "enhance" your photos without asking if you want that!

And that Google+... There is a reason why I'm not on the f...... Facebook, and now they will force you to go to a second facebook/Google+!
Meaning that your real name will be with everything you do with your Google products...

How about privacy, guys???
Wasn't that considered important until a little while ago???

One thing is for sure, Big Brother/Google won't rest until we are all in their database with all the details possible of our lives, and that's a lot of details if you let them!
They know what porn you like to watch, what kind of people you call your friends, what kind of products you're interested to buy, and so how much money you have to spend, where you live, exactly, your profession, your hobbies, your social status, like, wife, kids, like, everything, if you're not careful. ...
And they collect all this information to... use it for their own profits, of course.
I don't know about you, but it slowly starts to scare me a bit. And I actually don't even have things to hide!