Anonymous said...

Very nice :) xxx

Nadja said...

Still having a hard time to choose photos for the blog.
Can't wait to see which are your favourites!

Arko Chatterjee said...

fantastic.. she indeed has nice figure with ur lense capturing her pretty well.. love it..
by the way... your Picasa account is stopped ? cant access there..

Nadja said...

I just temporarily went to Google+ this afternoon.
Maybe that was the problem although I would think you would get the Google+ page instead of the Picasa.
Or, it is because my Picasa URL has changed because I was on Google + a couple of days ago and deleted my Google+ account again.

Can you access it now?

If not, here is the new URL:


Weird, because you follow me, I must check if I lost all my followers because of this...

Thank you very much, Arko!
For telling me this, I didn't know yet although I was scared for it, and for the compliments!