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Nadja said...

This will be the last photo of the series with Joyca Dee, for now.
I'll place some more photos of this series later.
I have some sets of photos of which I haven't shown anything yet. Unless... she comes for a new shoot soon and we make a new series!
We already agreed this will happen, no worries!

You can also keep an eye on Joyca dee's blog, I think she will publish more of the photos there.
See the link under the photo!

I have a new series waiting, of course, it will be something completely different, but I look forward to posting them a lot.

See you!

plunertje said...

That isn't nice Nadja,keeping all the beautyful photos to yourself :))

But i hope the next serie is as exiting as this one.
Mabey i've to invite her myself to do a shoot with her aswel.

I've seen the preview of your next serie it wil be surprising.


Nadja said...

Yes, Rob, it breaks my heart, too!
But, you have to be hard as a photographer sometimes, I'm SO sorry!

I look forward to work with Joyca dee again, a lot!
She's a wonderful lady, and very talented, as you could see.

Yes, I think the next series is surprising indeed, again a very talented model!

Thank you very much, Rob!
Always nice seeing you!

Anonymous said...

So sensual and erotic...
Marvelous serie,
Be sure I appreciate a lot !
Congratulations for you and the great sexy Joyca !
Warm kisses for both...


Nadja said...

It's easy to do a marvelous series with a marvelous woman like Joyca Dee, Tomcat.
I know you appreciate it, a big admirer of women like you, always nice to read your sweet comments, my friend!

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Big XXX again!