Joyca Dee


Nadja said...

Yesterday I had the honour to work with a great model, the lovely Pascale!
It was so much fun to work with her, she's a super cool model and a wonderful and sexy lady.
I'm still working on the photos, of course, but I think I have a lot of beautiful and sexy photos.
Hope you'll agree, but, I think so! ... You know me a bit, I always fall in love with the beautiful ladies in front of my lens... :-))
Thank you very much, Pascale!
I'm already looking forward to do more shoots with you!

plunertje said...

A very good first photo. Now i am very curious about the rest of the shoot.
Pascasle is relaxed and there is an erotic tension in this picture.
Keep on posting nice photos like this one from this beautyful en sexy Pascale.


Nadja said...

I surely will keep posting more photos from this shoot, I have so much cool and beautiful ones.
It's becoming a problem, actually, I have too much photos that I love from each shoot these days...
And then with a lovely and talented model like Pascale...! Ahhh! It will be a hard job to choose photos for the blog again...
What a great luxury problem!

Thank you very much, Rob!

Anonymous said...

Heya Nadja, was an awesome shoot and looking forward to the next one. Kisses xxx

Nadja said...

Hello Pascale!

I'm so glad to hear that girl!
In my mind I'm already busy with next shoots, even when I still have a lot of work with the wonderful photos of this shoot! ...
I am like that, it can never be enough...
Especially with a beautiful and super sexy and super fun and super sweet lady like you!

So cool that you have your own blog!
I'll Place a link to your blog under the photo tomorrow.
And of course, I'll put a link in my blog list, too!


Anonymous said...

Pascale is a so cuty model....
Great body....
Lovely black sexy underwear,
So sexy and élégant....
Nice shot Nadja !
Thanks to you both !


Nadja said...

You're welcome, Tomcat! :-))

It was really a great experience to work with Joyca! Except for all the things you can see on the photos: cute, sexy and elegant, she's also a real sweet lady!

To be continued!

Thank YOU very much, Tomcat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comment's Nadja, tomcat and plunnertje :)

Nadja said...

Thank YOU, Joyca Dee, without you we wouldn't be having all this fun!