Anonymous said...

À dynamic shot !
Gorgeous breast....
Warm kisses sweet Nadja...


Nadja said...

Yes, isn't it!
Agreed on both points!

Thank you very much, Tomcat!

Big XXX!

alter ego said...

wow Nadja!...your latest series really touches me..and it's so far my favourite shooting you did the last time...and...not to forget..you a did a lot of great shootings last year...but this one is wonderful...you changed the poses and now it looks more natural in my eyes...your model has done a great job and it looks, that she knows, how to act and to pose!...I really love the both shots she's on top of a stool...the move of her hair and her expression!...well done...you both!
wishing you a great year!

Nadja said...

Well, Alter, you can see that Joyca Dee has experience posing, of course, and that she's really talented.
Have you seen her blog???
I placed a link in my blog list and under the second photo.
But, 'posing naturally', I don't believe in that.
I think that is a contradictio in terminis!
Posing is always posing, and on top of that, I like the real poses, like, really posed, don't know how to say it... Like, stiff poses.
Look how people stand and sit in real life, that's usually not very flattering or beautiful if you see it on a still image.
But, I didn't change the poses, I always let the models come with poses themselves and then adjust them a bit so that we can get the most out of that pose.
I guess what I'm saying is that it's mostly up to the models how the posing becomes.
And, each woman is different, so...
All credit to Joyca Dee, of course!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
Best wishes for you, too, and XXX!

raycho dimitrov said...

beautiful model!
I think the skin i very rough for this tender woman.
I don't know but may be you try to corect white balance.
I send one b&w version of this photo
with fast post production...

Linda and Joyca Dee are my favorite !

best wishes

Nadja said...

Ah, no, Raycho, I do this with the colours intentionally of course!
I worked with mixed light, the flash and two 100 watt spotlights that give a very warm and yellow light compared to the flash- light.
And I put the white balance on flash, I don't want to correct white balance to make it look more natural, if even possible.
All I did for the rest is add a lot of contrast, didn't change the colours in any other way.

Your black and white version is very beautiful!
It always breaks my heart that I have to choose between colours and black and white, ahhh!
I did try some of them in black and white of course, but I love these warm colours too much!

Thank you very much, Raycho!
Best wishes for you, too!
All your latest work is SO cool and beautiful again, keep it up!
Big XXX!