Joyca Dee said...

Hopelijk was het geen echte spin hihi

Nadja said...

Haha, NEEN!
Ik zou NOOIT dierenmishandeling toestaan op een shoot!
Ik ben een type dat zelfs de spinnen in huis gewoon laat zitten waar ze zitten. ...
Dat heb je misschien wel gemerkt! ...

En Freddy, die zie ik ook 'nog geen vlieg kwaad doen' trouwens!
Die heeft zelfs ooit spinnen als huisdier gehad.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture !
Great shot and fantastic model....
Warm kisses my sweet Nadja...

Your Tomcat

Nadja said...

Funny, isn't it.
I have so much different photos of Freddy, serious ones, funny ones, impressive ones, hard to choose some for the blog.
Maybe I should make a slideshow of some of them one day.

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Big warm XXX!

Anonymous said...

Cool guy,
Tought about Black and White Nadja? Anyhow i like to follow your blog ..... Luc

Nadja said...

He sure is!
And, I surely did, but, I love these colours too much, especially in these cold grey days.
And I didn't want to hide the colours of the tattoos.
I find it hard going back to black and white after working in colour. Even when I was a black and white addict at first. If the colours are to my taste anyway, and they usually are, I can't help it!
Or, actually I can of course, since it's my attic and my photos, I make efforts to get good colours.

Thank you very much, Luc, nice hearing from you!
And I'm flattered you follow my blog, a lot.
Djee, I get a bit shy, even, right now...
Love you! :-))
Big XXX!

Zibo said...

Wow ! Quelle série ! Et quel homme !

Nadja said...

Yes, Zibo, Freddy is something else!
It was a great experience to work with this amazing man. And it was a great experience to just be with him and listen to his stories, too.
He has some impressive ones!

Thank you very much, Zibo!