Linda & Marijke


Nadja said...

f you know my blog for a while, you'll surely recognise the young lady at the left hand side.
My classmate from evening school photography, Linda.
The other girl was also a classmate, Marijke.
And Marijke and Linda became good friends in school.
I photographed Linda several times before, once while she was six months pregnant.
Well, she's pregnant for the second time now, six months again!
And her friend Marijke is pregnant for the first time, she's 5 months pregnant!
As if they planned it this way, if it would be possible to plan these things at all. ...
It was a lot of fun to do a duo pregnancy shoot with two friends!
We didn't have much time for the shoot, very, very little time even, but I think I made some cool photos anyway.
I hope you'll enjoy.

See you!

Roger said...

I have always find pregnant woman desirable !!!
Both models are very pretty ;).

Nadja said...

Yes... You are surely not the only one to think so, Roger.
They are beautiful and desirable indeed.


Thank you very much, Roger!
I'm so happy to see that you started a blog for your wonderful photos!
You know I'm a fan, can't wait to see more!


Roger said...

;)) Thx !

Nadja said...

Don't say thanks, just publish those photos on your blog, I know you have many great ones!