plunertje said...

Very beautyful and intense. The series is getting better and more exciting.


Nadja said...

I'm a bit frustrated, I became sick while I was still finishing editing this series, and as you know, have been in the hospital last week.
Normally I spend a lot of time deciding which photos to show and in which order, but I couldn't concentrate on that much now.
And because I'm also placing photos from this series on my other blog it was even harder than usual.
But I guess it's a good sign that you say the series is getting better anyway.

Thank you very much, Rob!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will recover soon! I saw other picures that i liked more but anyhow, only a matter of taste :-)
All the best Nadja,

Nadja said...

Hello, Luc!
I'm out of the hospital again. They did their very best to fix my problem but it didn't work yet. Still, I have much less pain than before, so far. The failed attempt to fix me did something good anyway.
But that's probably just very temporary and I have to go back in some weeks to hear what the next steps will be after they can do an NMRI.
So, now I'm sitting at home and taking things slowly because I can't eat much and I must eat completely fat free to keep the pain to a minimum, so I must stay in energy saving mode.
I'm frustrated because I had to cancel shoots, but, I'm okay, so far, not much pain.
And I will surely do my best to get better soon as possible, with the help of the fantastic professor at Leuven Gasthuisberg who does his very best to help me.

Thank you, Luc.

Anonymous said...

All the best Nadja!

Nadja said...

I'm doing okay!
Seems my pain got fixed by accident...
Or, while trying to fix the problem more permanently and that failed, I still ended without pain...
So... So far, so good!
How lucky can a person get sometimes...

Thanks, Luc!
I hope you are doing okay as well.