Nadja said...

This is a test- series that I did for my last shoot with Joyca Dee and John.
It was a long time ago that I did slow shutter speed photos, so I wanted to try it out to remind me of the most obvious problems and to find the best shutter speed for the erotic shoot.
I'm not cured yet, but I'm doing ok, better than some weeks ago, and I'm already trying to organise a shoot because I can't give up my passion!
We'll see how it goes...

Maybe you have seen some of the photos before, but, hey, I have no new work yet and I want to show I'm still alive, and that I plan to stay alive, too!

So, see you!

Michael Rowland said...

Interesting image, movement, soft, very creative. Your last series with the couple is great, I love the leggings and the way you have worked on the photos. You have a full body of work to be proud of,,,M

Nadja said...

It's always a surprise what you get with this technique, and it's always surrealistic, and that's exactly why I love it so much!
Even after several self portrait sessions with slow shutter speed, it never bores me to see the results. Even when by now I know how to manipulate the effects real well by slower or faster movements and so on.
And now with doing the shoot with Joyca Dee and John, I surely want to do that again with other models, I was scared the photos would be too surrealistic and not beautiful enough, but I think the balance between the two worked out really great.

Thank you very much, Michael!

Arton said...

Beautiful again Nadja

Nadja said...

Glad to hear you think so, Arton. :-))
Thank you very much!