Photographer Luc in...
'Hippie Dreams' 


Nadja said...

Wednesday I had a shoot with Luc, he's a photographer, and a very cool model.
A really very sexy model, too, I think! :-))

We talked about this shoot a long time, he even grew his beard especially for the shoot. With being sick I had to postpone it, and I was worried that I wouldn't be in shape, but, I'm very happy with the results, they are as I imagined they had to be.
Luc did a fantastic job!
Thank you so much, Luc!

I hope you'll enjoy these...

'Hippie Dreams'

I rolled the 'cigarette' by the way. Being this 'hippie child', that's something I still remembered from a very, very far past.

Luc @ This said...

It wasn't easy working ... but i liked it very much, and liked the atmosphere at your place. It was a fun day, with nice results and laughs ;-)
Thanks x

Nadja said...

Hey Luc!

The more I look at the photos the more I love them, you did really great!
I know I gave you a hard time, but, hey, two difficult people together can make great series, right?

It was a fun day for sure, too bad a day is too short, I had a real good time with you, I'm a fan from now on!
I surely hope we can work together again one day!

THANK YOU, Luc! Greetings, and... love...

Luc @ This said...