Nicky & Bobby


Nadja said...

Last monday I did a shoot with with two great ladies. One of them you already know from almost a year ago. Something tells me you will surely remember her, the wonderful Nicky!
And she brought a friend this time, the beautiful Bulgarian girl Bobby, who has never posed for photos before.
Actually the shoot was a masterclass, Nicky helped her friend with her modelling- knowledge.
Bobby didn't need much lessons, though, she's a natural! And this together with the 'tips and tricks' of Nicky... I think you will see and agree that the masterclass was a big success. And even more importantly: it was BIG FUN!
I had a great afternoon with these two lovely ladies, and so many beautiful photos that I don't know where to start! So I will just start with the first photos we made and show them as we made them.

Thank you so much, Nicky! I am so proud that you thought of this little photographer for this shoot!

Thank you so much Bobby! I am so proud to have the honour to be your first photographer!
And I have no doubt that many more photographers will love to work with you!
Actually, can I have your autograph now? :-)))

Big XXX, sexy ladies!

As you can see, dear people, I start with a photo where Nicky is in her full playful glory!

Luc @ This said...

Nicky just told me about it ... i'm curious now ;-)

bobby said...

Thank you Nadja for the beautiful words...i am very happy for the results. See you soon. Kisses Bobby.

Nadja said...

Yes, Luc... I can imagine that you are curious... Not one crazy girl, not two crazy girls, but three crazy girls on one shoot!
And just one of them that you don't know yet....

Just keep an eye on the blog then!

Thanks for the visit, Luc!

Nadja said...

Bobby, they come straight from the heart!
You did a great job, and I'm very happy with the results, too!
As said: You are always welcome here!

Thank YOU, dear Bobby!
I must go... work on the many beautiful photos!
I'm having a lot of fun working on the series, and I didn't even get to the best part yet!


tvk said...


Nadja said...

Ik ga er maar vanuit dat het een in bewondering geslaakte 'jawadde' is...

Twee prachtige modellen, hè, en heftige!

Bedankt, TVK!