Sabine & Fabian


Nadja said...

Sabine's husband Fabian joined the shoot for a little while. He doesn't have much experience posing yet, but I think he did a great job!
And this while he was actually not feeling so well that day. So, the duo part of the shoot was a short one, but a fantastic one, I think, I love the photos!
Maybe they aren't tall people, but they surely are great people!
It's much fun to photograph a fun couple like these two, and I surely hope the series will get a part two one day.

Thank you again, Sabine!
And, thank you very much, Fabian, I know it wasn't easy for you to pose, but you did great anyway!
And I know from experience with the self portraits: it will become easier next time!
And, you are welcome here any time!
See you!

alter ego said...

ohh...wonderfull...this one is really great...I can see that you met a couple and we can see the closeness between them....her hand on his neck made it special and shows a lot...well done!

Nadja said...

Yes, I think so, too, Alter Ego. They are a great couple who love each other very much an support each other, that's the impression I got from having them in my home half a day and from seeing how well they posed together.

More beautiful and sexy ons to come, you know me, I always try to keep the best for last! :-))

Thank you very much, my friend!

Big XXX!