Nadja said...

I love this photo. I love Bobby's look... Really special.

I think I will end the series with this one, for now. Maybe I will show some more of them later.

If all goes well, I have a new shoot half July. I can't do any new shoots before that, I think, because we are still working in my house, painting and stuff.
I hope to find the time to do a test series that I planned since weeks first, but I don't know yet...
In the meantime I have a couple of photos from an earlier series I would still like to show. You'll see.


Luc @ This said...

I love this one, especially for the colours ... Nice pose from Bobby too

Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Luc!

Glad to read you agree. :-))
I still love this one, cool face and pose, and yes, the colours as well.