Jan Kees


Nadja said...

I'm still alive!

Here a photo from an old series to prove it.


I've been busy with a couple of different projects, but...

Next shoot in about a week, if all goes well.
Thank you very much for keep checking my blog for new work, dear people!
I promise the next shoot will be something special!


moncat said...

Very good.
The man integrated in the enviroment.

Keep calm Nadja D:


Nadja said...

Actually, you saw that correctly, Moncat, I'm not so calm these days...
Of course, I'm never really very calm, but still, excited about the new shoot already now.
It seems like a long time ago that I last photographed, that always makes me a bit nervous!

And the projects... and some personal things, you know how it goes in life: sometimes nothing happens, life seems boring, and then suddenly everything hits you at once, again.

I loved the series with Jan Kees.
We worked with available light and he's a wonderful model!

Thank you very much, Moncat!
It's always nice to hear a calming men's voice...
Thanks for the compliment as well!


eroticmoment69 said...

Wow... I really like this picture, the mixture of a closing and open pose.

Nadja said...

Ah, Eroticmoment!
I wanted to let you know I published some more photos from the series, but I completely forgot.
Still a distracted mind...

Yes, super cool pose you did here!
One of the many of the shoot. :-))

Thanks, and greetings!

temporal rooms said...

these two photographs tell stories.
very good.
and a handsome model.


Nadja said...

Yes, Robert, Jan Kees is a handsome Dutchman, and very good and creative with the posing, too!
I surely hope to work with him again one day.

I still have a lot of male models waiting for a shoot, though. Some of them are waiting 1,5 year already.

Thank you very much, Robert!