Nadja said...

IF all goes well, I will do a new shoot on sunday.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!
Full of anticipation ...
And may we know what is coming, or is that a secret?
Grtz Rudy

Nadja said...

Thanks, Rudy! :-))

It's a lady, and the shoot will happen on my attic, that's all I know, so far.



temporal rooms said...

ahhh Daisy!

as beautiful as ever and tied up too!

and how are you my dear Nadja?
i am around again.


Nadja said...

Ah, Robert!

You are around again? I like that!

And Daisy will like that, too, I think!
She asked about you a while ago because you seemed disappeared.

These photos are photos from an old shoot that I haven't shown before, but I can't wait to work with Daisy again. And we will do that as soon as possible, but, you know how it is, life is busy.

I'm doing great at the moment, everything okay!
You, too? I surely hope so, my friend!
So great seeing you again!

Thank you very much, Robert!
Big XXX!

Nadja said...

Oh, Robert, I did another shoot with Daisy last fall, on a cool location, if you wish to see:


There are more of them on the next page.