Nadja said...

An old self portrait as a 'sign of life'.
Yes, I'm still alive!

And I have shoot planned, too, with a very sexy young lady.
That will happen sunday next week, if all goes well.

Thanks for keeping an eye on the blog, dear people!

See you!

Paco Tamayo said...

Hi Nadja !
I love the industrial feel .

Kisses :)

Nadja said...

Well, Paco, I love the industrial feel of your latest self portrait, too, so cool!
Great photo.

And you are a handsome man.
Even without the cool sunglasses!


Thank you very much, dear Paco!
Big XXX!

Ramon Pruneda Segura said...

Great feeling to see you wrapped in a surreal world. :)


Nadja said...

That's how I always feel, Ramon, wrapped in a surreal world...
Glad to read you like it.


Thank you very much, Ramon!
Big XXX!