Nadja said...

Warming up.

I mean: I was still warming up with these first photos.
Angela was in great posing- shape right from the start of the shoot!

She is a very sweet and fun young lady, 25, and a talented, beginning model.
But, you can be the judge of that yourselves, still working on the photos, but much more to come, of course!

Angela did a great job.

Thank you very much, Angela!

It was high time that I had some practise again!
Made some stupid mistakes, especially at the start of the shoot....
I shouldn't wait too long to do another one this time!

plunertje said...

Not so negative about yourself, there is nothing wrong with this picture. You are not yet forgotten how to create beautiful images.
Again very nice work from you, from a beautiful model.
Angela is indeed a beautiful model, I would also like to do a shoot with her, but unfortunatey we haven't come to an appointment yet.
Curious to see more of your beautiful work of Angela.


Nadja said...

Hello, Rob!

No, I like these photos of Angela, too.
Of course, I don't put my bad photos on the blog!

I made some stupid mistakes in the beginning of the shoot, bad compositions, bad light.
You won't see those photos here, though!


But after warming up, things got better and better, and Angela is a very good and sexy model, so...
I will show much more photos in the next weeks!

Thank you very much, Rob!

Big XXX!

Anonymous said...

ohh so nice:) thank u guys

Nadja said...

You're welcome, Angela!



alter ego said...

powerful lady..powerful warming up...and even in that stage..ready and perfect!...I love the postprocessing in monochrome...you know, that I love that...well done...;)

Nadja said...

Yes, I agree, powerful lady, and she did really well with the posing.
You know I like black and white as well, but when the colours are too good I can't bring it up to hide them.
But here, there weren't much colours, so.

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
Big XXX, my friend!