alter ego said...

very well done!...you both did a great job....the pose is wonderful...and I like her view right into the camera..demanding...waiting...sexy...wow!...

Nadja said...

That's what I told Angela, too, very beautiful pose and a great facial expression.
She is good with that, you will see more of it later in the series.
And, yes, I know you love it if the models look you straight in the eyes.

I love it, too, with a beautiful lady like Angela who knows how to make you melt.

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
XXX again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadia,
How are you? I see you again have found a beautiful model ... What a natural beauty! And again managed to bring together all its splendor in this extremely challenging picture ... The sensual and feline look in her eyes is very attractive !!! Really a very successful picture! Extremely beautiful lady and successful timing of the photographer !!

Grtz Rudy xxx

Nadja said...

Well, actually, Rudy, she found me!
And I am happy for it, too!

I think you will see the wonderful Angela again on my blog, somewhere in the not too far future.
We are already making plans for more shoots.
As you noticed by now. :-))

Thank you very much, Rudy!
XXX again!