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Nadja said...

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2015, dear people!

2015... Can't believe I'm still here...
I still remember how Prince's '1999' sounded so Science Fiction to me!

Angela is "smoking" my electronic cigarette.
If you can't stop smoking, start vaping!
Look up 'Greensmoke', for example.
It's so easy and clean, and SO much healthier!
Don't believe the bad publicity about electronic cigarettes, it's not true:
Cigarette smoke: 4000 dangerous chemicals!
Electronic cigarettes: 4 harmless chemicals, and you don't inhale them burned...
You do the math!
You will feel the first effects on your health very soon, like, after 3 days!

Greetings and big New Year's XXX!

plunertje said...

The very best wishes for the new year.


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Rob!

I don't need much, a bit of health and the possibility to do more shoots than I did last year, and I'm happy!

The best wishes and XXX for you, too!

guamy said...

Dear Nadja, best wishes for a wonderful 2015 and congratulations for your photos that I like always:-)

Nadja said...

Hello, Guamy, thank you very much!

Best wishes for you, too, much luck, love, and creative inspiration!

See you!

alter ego said...

all the best to you, my dear...keep on going on that way, you've chosen...it's the right one!...
have a nice time...do whatever you want and enjoy every single day!
big hugs

Nadja said...

I plan on doing exactly that! :-))

It will be too busy in the house this month, more works on the house, but after that...
I am planning shoots already!
And I plan to enjoy each day.

Thank you, Alter Ego!

Best wishes for you, too, much fun and warmth and creativity in the new year!