Nadja said...

I waited a very long time for a second shoot with this lady. She is a friend, she is very funny, she is very clever, and she is very sexy, too.
So, I'm proud to present: the amazing A!

I had a lot of fun with her, again, she always makes me laugh so much, with her clever jokes and comments on things.
Actually I should film her! :-))
We are making plans for future shoots already, but first I have to edit this series.... I'm having much fun with that too!
So, more to come, much more to come!

See you!

alter ego said...

one of your best shots ever..really!...I like it a lot!...very professional, lazy and sexy too!...great!

Nadja said...

I know, I know, you love the look straight in the camera, yes?


All credit to the wonderful A, of course, she's such a cool lady!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!
Much more to come, of course.