Nadja said...

I feel so inspired all of the sudden! I want to do more of my crazy stuff again, old things and new different things, I don't know.
I've been thinking about my photography a lot while I wasn't photographing, maybe now all my random thoughts will finally start to form and give me a renewed drive.
We'll see...

Ramon Pruneda Segura said...

After celebrating the New Year, my eyes have been affected, I see double !!
Immense imagination of Nadja.

I wish you new photographic ways in this New Year.


Nadja said...

Ah no, not your eyes, Ramon!
You must take care of your eyes, they are some of the best photographic eyes around!

I hope you had good celebrations...
And I wish you a good and creative year!

Thank you very much, Ramon!
I'll do my best! :-))