Paco Tamayo said...

Of the sixties. I like it

Besos :)

TheoLin said...

I like how relaxed and carefree this pose is! There's almost a sense of movement as well, the sway of her hair. Well done! Hope everything is well with you :)

Nadja said...

Yes, Paco, A has a lot of vintage stuff, so cool!
We were talking about doing another shoot already, on location, because I love those old things so much and her house is a little vintage paradise.

More to come, of course.
Thank you very much, Paco!
Big XXX!

Nadja said...

Hello Lin!
Yes, I love this photo, too, the pose and then how the shape of the hair and that of the little dress are so similar, and this in combination with the lines of the background, pretty dynamic image indeed.
And I love her sweet face here as well.

I'm doing okay, although I'm camping in my own house, upstairs while actually I live downstairs.
No heating upstairs... I'm lucky it's a soft winter. Works on the house again, new bathroom, it's one big dirty and dusty building site here. Will be great when it's done and I can live my normal life again!
I'm behind on your site but saw the updates in my dashboard, nice to see you back, I will visit soon!
Thank you very much, sexy lady!