Joyca Dee & John
I'm celebrating by placing an extra sexy photo!


Rather than taking photos off my blog out of fear for Google's new censorship policy, which could lead to this blog and all other blogs that contain nudity to disappear from the public internet, I will post some of my work that is closest to my heart. 
I got optimistic because there was a statement of Google, saying erotics would still be allowed, as long as you use the 'adult content warning page', as I do. But, it seems that not many people share my optimism. Most probably I am still this naive girl from a small town in a very small, and European, country. ... 
Wait and see, I guess. The suspense is killing me. 
Should this blog suddenly have disappeared in some weeks, this is where you can find me. Bookmark it, if you want to visit. I don't think you can find it otherwise, because, Tumblr, too, does it's best to hide all nudity. I'm afraid you will need a Tumblr account to visit. Not too sure yet. But, at least, unlike a 'private Blogger- blog', there I can invite you without having your mail address! 

"Choice: Self-censor, or be 'disappeared'"

"Choice: Self-censor, or be 'disappeared'"

The new Google censorship, click here and tremble!

Maybe soon, images like those 3 in previous post is about all one can still put on a Blogger-blog. Oh, I can put on a blog whatever I want. IF I make it a private one! ...
To look at a private blog you need an invitation by mail, from me/blogger first. I have to have people's mail address to be able to send them an invitation. And people will need a Google/Gmail- account to accept my invitation.
So far so good, if we don't care about our privacy and our right to express ourselves. ...!
But then... I can not invite more than a 100 people for a private blog.
How cool is that... 
Now, I guess, I will have to wait and see if Google thinks my photos are 'Art' enough.
Or just worthless crap. They will decide in one month. 

Can't wait to see what you think, Google, thanks a lot in advance!