Nadja said...

I was experimenting with the photos a bit. Trying to find new looks, but I don't know yet.
Maybe the normal photos are too beautiful to hide them like this.
Maybe I should just start the series again with some of the photos I didn't post yet. ...

I have time to think about it, no new shoot planned yet, although several shoots are in the making.
But I hurt my ankle last sunday, think it will need some time to heal.

alter ego said...

just try sepia for example...a single shot made in sepia..or an other simulation called ironsulfid..and then you could simulate different kinds of analogue films....btw...still a wonderful series and a fearless sexy model!...great

Nadja said...

Yes, the two photos are so beautiful, it doesn't matter what I do to them, they stay great!
Good thing! :-p

No, I like how this photo looks, it's just that I'm not used to it, so light and bright and 'clean'.

Sepia is not my favourite thing, I don't like that colour much, although I know you can make it look a hundred different ways.
It's fun to try things out, though, I want to do that more often again.

Yes, I'm looking forward to do another shoot with A already, because she's a great model, and a super fun lady to spend time with!

Thank you very much, Alter Ego!

Jan Somers said...

Bijzonder !

Nadja said...

Hartelijk dank, Jan!

Bijzondere foto's van een bijzondere dame, ja, kon ook gewoon niet missen, hè.
En soms denk ik dat ik nog eens iets anders met mijn foto's moet doen. Ik hou van de look van mijn 'gewone' foto's, maar wat afwisseling af en toe mag misschien ook wel...
Dus, experimenteren maar!