Joyca Dee & John
I'm celebrating by placing an extra sexy photo!


Nadja said...

But I will keep the blog on Tumblr!
I'm not putting my money on just one horse anymore, since even the most trusted horse can go wild whenever it chooses!

I also made a Facebook account... YES...
After all my years of resisting it. ...
I just don't want to vanish off the internet when something happens to my blog, you see.

I'll place a follow - thing, too.
If you want to keep in touch with me/my work, I will always share my links there.

See you!

Ramon Pruneda Segura said...

Google is a reflection of American society, NO to sex, SI weapons.
It's sad, but maybe you'll have to think about changing platform for your blog.
Which is your blog on Tumblr?
A big kiss, my dear Nadja.

Nadja said...

Well, yes, but... they did change their mind... so...
At least there is that!

They score good points with me now, although I'm sure the main motivation for this is probably... dollars.
I wouldn't have liked anything of Google anymore would they have disappeared my blog...

Other blogs have even more restrictions, by the way;
On Blogger- blogs you just have to put up the adult content warning.
And, most important to me: you don't have to register on Blogger to visit a blog with 'adult content', just click 'agree' on the warning page and you're in!

See the blue link under under previous post, it's my Tumblr account.

Thank you, Ramon!
Big XXX for you, too!