"Choice: Self-censor, or be 'disappeared'"

"Choice: Self-censor, or be 'disappeared'"

The new Google censorship, click here and tremble!

Maybe soon, images like those 3 in previous post is about all one can still put on a Blogger-blog. Oh, I can put on a blog whatever I want. IF I make it a private one! ...
To look at a private blog you need an invitation by mail, from me/blogger first. I have to have people's mail address to be able to send them an invitation. And people will need a Google/Gmail- account to accept my invitation.
So far so good, if we don't care about our privacy and our right to express ourselves. ...!
But then... I can not invite more than a 100 people for a private blog.
How cool is that... 
Now, I guess, I will have to wait and see if Google thinks my photos are 'Art' enough.
Or just worthless crap. They will decide in one month. 

Can't wait to see what you think, Google, thanks a lot in advance!


Nadja said...

Fucking hell!

... If I am still allowed to say 'fucking' here. ...

I'm already looking for other options to share my photos, in case Google throws my blog off the internet on 23 March.
But there aren't that many good ones, I'm afraid.

Paco Tamayo said...

Look at the "tumblr" option

Nadja said...

Yes... Incredible, isn't it.

And by being so decent to put up the adult content warning you gave yourself away: blog with no good content!
As I said to a friend: Shame on me!
Let me put on a burka and lay down so that they can stone me!
Haha... At least in Afghanistan you know what to expect...

I am really curious to see what will happen, but most people have little hope that Google will recognise the 'art context', it seems. ...

That's what I'm doing, dear Paco, looking at Tumbler!
Too bad, you need to have a Tumblr account and switch off the safe search to be able to see NSFW and/or adult content.

Great thing about the Blogger- blogs is that everybody can access it, of course.
Ahhh, damned, fingers crossed!?

Otherwise, Tumblr!:


Thanks for the support and tip! And, see you, Paco, maybe on another site next time!
Big XXX!

TheoLin said...

So you're moving to tumblr? I am debating back and forth which way to go. I originally started on Wordpress, and now... not sure what I'll do. Flickr still allows me to post if I keep it "adult" rated.

But it brings up the question: Who will now follow in Google footsteps?

Ain't this a hoot??

Nadja said...

Well, Lin, if Google gives me no choice by making my blog private, I will have to go to Tumblr.
I don't see many alternatives.

One thing is for sure: I won't take down any photos that might be too much for Google.

Because... where to stop?!
What is explicit nude and explicit sexual content in their minds, and what not? I don't know!
And what is an art context? I would think my work is arty enough, but we'll have to wait and see what they 'think' at Google...

I can't photograph without niples, and more, being shown. I don't want to become as prudish as they are!

So... I will feel really bad about it, after all this years, but I'm not going to change my work just so that I can stay on a prudish site!

And they don't give you much time, only one month, so... not much time to think about it and prepare.
I hope some of my visitors shall follow me to Tumbler.

YES, doesn't it scare you half to death?!
Progress is taking us back to the 18th century!

And I thought they were fighting fundamentalism and things over there...
I guess it's true... Only the oil counts! :-p

See you, Lin! I hope anyway...
You might find me if you check out Tumblr. :-))