Rather than taking photos off my blog out of fear for Google's new censorship policy, which could lead to this blog and all other blogs that contain nudity to disappear from the public internet, I will post some of my work that is closest to my heart. 
I got optimistic because there was a statement of Google, saying erotics would still be allowed, as long as you use the 'adult content warning page', as I do. But, it seems that not many people share my optimism. Most probably I am still this naive girl from a small town in a very small, and European, country. ... 
Wait and see, I guess. The suspense is killing me. 
Should this blog suddenly have disappeared in some weeks, this is where you can find me. Bookmark it, if you want to visit. I don't think you can find it otherwise, because, Tumblr, too, does it's best to hide all nudity. I'm afraid you will need a Tumblr account to visit. Not too sure yet. But, at least, unlike a 'private Blogger- blog', there I can invite you without having your mail address! 


Nadja said...

Oh! And if you have a Tumblr account you will still need to switch to 'show adult- oriented content'.
You can find that option on the 'Search' page of Tumblr. Easiest way: Search for example for 'nudes', you won't get any results, but you will then see the padlock- symbol at the right hand side of the page and you can unlock it by clicking on it.

What's wrong with this world... ?

No, no, don't tell me, I know, I know, much too much!
But, if I have to say it in two words: Conservatisme & Capitalism...!

Ramon Pruneda Segura said...

I can see your blog in Tumblr :)

I will follow you there.


Nadja said...

Thank you, Ramon! :-)))

I think I will keep posting some of the older photos there, for now. I think they deserve a bit of attention again, hope you agree. :-))

maybe I'll keep it mostly for the self portraits, for now, we'll see.

XXX again!

alter ego said...

ohh...I think I missed the latest news......:(....I have to return to your blog more than only twice a year...;)....

Nadja said...

Twice a year? Funny, my friend. :-))

This all happened really quickly. First we got a mail from Google saying that all blogs with graphic nudes and/or adult would be made private, a week later or something they said they would keep it with the old policy because there was too much protest from the users.

Was I glad to hear that, Blogger stays the best!

See you, Alter Ego!
In six months or so, I guess? :-p


Anonymous said...

All those pictures are marvelous Nadja....


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, my dear Tomcat!

And sorry for the late reply, SO busy here, more photos later!
Somebody you already know, a young lady! :-))

Big warm XXX!